Fire of the Raging Dragon

(Pacific Rim Series Book #2) In the very near future, China, now the world’s largest industrial producer and consumer of Mideast Oil, passes a law that all new cars manufactured in that nation will be operated on natural gas. Beneath the floor of the South China Sea, around the contested Spratly Islands, billions of gallons of natural gas wait to be mined.

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When a war erupts between China and Taiwan, U.S. President Douglas Surber tries to stop it. But when his daughter becomes a prisoner of war, the President must decide. Take a stand against evil, or save the life of his daughter. With China and Taiwan at war with one another, and now with China and America on the verge of an unintended war, Ensign Stephanie Surber’s life hangs in the balance.

The crisis brings about a no-win situation, and a dilemma that the President cannot avoid.

What will the President do?

Read Fire of the Raging Dragon to find out!

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