Don BrownLong before his popular novels TREASON and MALACCA CONSPIRACY became national bestsellers, and before the publication of his popular NAVY JUSTICE SERIES and PACIFIC RIM SERIES, Don Brown began his legal career as a U.S. Navy JAG officer stationed in Newport, Rhode Island, where he was awarded the prestigious New York City Bar Association Trial Advocacy Award, as individual winner of the United States Navy Justice School’s trial advocacy competition.

From there, Don was transferred to San Diego, where he became a Navy prosecutor, and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for his work in the successful prosecution of five high-profile rape cases at the North Island Naval Air Station.

He then served in the United States Attorney’s Office in San Diego, where he defended lawsuits filed against the United States under the Federal Torts Claims Act. While with the U. S. Attorney, Don defended a high-profile case involving an F-14 Tomcat that crashed into a helicopter hangar at Brown Field in San Diego.

He has been published in the Navy Law Review, and is the author of Temporary Injunctions filed against the Military: A Rapid Response Plan for Lawyers Representing the Government.

His last duty station in the Navy was at the Pentagon, where he served in the prestigious Code 13 (Administrative Law Division) of the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Office. There, Don drafted legal memoranda for the Secretary of the Navy on a variety of officer personnel issues.

Upon his return to private practice, he served as principle litigation counsel for a major U.S. automaker in South Carolina and Western North Carolina for a number of years.

Don is a member of the bar of the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, the United States Court of Military Appeals, and the State Bars of North and South Carolina.

He has appeared in state and federal courts on behalf of clients in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and California. He has made appellate appearances before the North Carolina Supreme Court, the South Carolina Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals, and has filed two Petitions for Writ of Certorari with the United States Supreme Court.

As a highly-experienced trial lawyer and as an appellate lawyer, Don brings a broad range of experience to the topics at hand, and his experience as a best-selling author will broaden and enrich your student’s learning experiences.